Web Services

Versatylo is a multi-process web services outsourcing company in India.
Among the many service offerings, the one that describes our area of core competence is that of web services.

Value Creation through Logo & Web Design and Web & Mobile Apps Development Services

Our web services are aimed at streamlining economic and technical efficiencies in the rendering of projects of mobile apps development, custom web development, logo designing and web designing services. We are a technology consulting company with string expertise and proven experience in web technologies. Our offerings are aimed at providing the best quality of web development, web design and mobile application development services to clientele from diverse verticals and of varied nature and scope. Our mobile app development work embraces the spectrum of both pure and hybrid mobile applications. Pure mobile application development includes Android mobile apps development, Windows apps development, IOS and IPad apps development and Blackberry apps development. Our team of mobile developers work in sync with the inputs from the business development team to execute mobile application development that fits the budget and scope of the project of the client with an aim to enable the client achieve business targets.

Our expertise in the area of web development spans across PHP web development, Wordpress development, Joomla development, custom web development, web 2. 0 development, ecommerce development and CMS. Being a complete digital marketing company we focus on Google SEO guidelines and mobile first strategy to enable clients onboard the digital business bandwagon. Versatylo offers logo designing services as part of web services. We work with large scale enterprises and MSME (micro, small and medium) enterprises to cut out logos that aim to generate the maximum brand recall. Brand recall and resolving issues of buyer amnesia top our agenda in logo design service offerings. We have the best team of creative advertising men in town and have done some fabulous work. We have made big brands stars and enabled MSMEs make their presence felt in the market.

A result of being obsessed with Google SEO guidelines is the fact that our web design services start and stop with the mobile first strategy. Our responsive design thinking enables us to visualize the user interface on small screens of smart phones. The internet is everybody. Part of the net neutrality movement is to focus on low cost users of smart phone and allow accessibility, availability and affordability of content through smart responsive web design targeted at the teeming millions of smart phone users. No wonder Versatylo takes pride in being based in a country that has the highest number of smart phone users, has the highest CAGR of smart phone users and records the highest sales of smart phones by volume. We raise a toast to the smart phone revolution through our web designing services.