Translation and Localisation Content Development

Versatylo, the best digital marketing company in India offers best translation and localization services under the domain of its offerings in e-learning.
We offer best in class translation and localization of academic, technical, financial and technological content prototypes.

documentation translation

As an end to end services provider in the field of digital marketing, web design and web development, we extend our competencies to enable client enterprises working with culturally and linguistically diverse teams to personalize content in accordance with the language of their preference. In doing so we cater to the requirements of bringing pluralism and cultural diversity to business by making the twain meet through our localization and translation services for content management.

Executed by the team of top and experienced linguists we curate content types like financial, academic, legal, and technical and others to offer best in class solutions to clientele. Our translation and localization services are carried out with utmost precision and quality to conform to internationally accepted guidelines of grammar, syntax and standard operating procedures. Our real time collaboration with client enterprises through the dashboard offers insights on particulars and types of content that are translated and localized with agile methodology for edits as and when requested for within the scope of the project.

Build Efficiencies in Documentation Management and Translation Services

Versatylo offers best in class economies of scale in documentation management and translation services. We cater to the requirements of client enterprises in the verticals of legal services, financial services, insurance and risk management to offer economic efficiency in translating and maintaining high volumes of content that is curated to fit into the template of client objectives as decided mutually within the scope and domain of the project. Beyond economic efficiency you get to build scalability in documentation management processes and abide by standard operating procedures as customarily required in the industry vertical. We have the best team of technical, legal and financial services translators and documentation management experts to do the job within budgeted costs and time frames. We follow and enforce non-disclosure of content that is assigned to us for projects to protect and honour business confidentiality and documents of legal, technical and financial compliance.

Instructor Led Training

When it comes to quality instruction in a classroom setting, you can look up-to us for creation of PPTs, handouts, student guidelines and other teaching materials. We have a great experience creating the Instructor Led Trainings (ILT) for various corporate learning and other academic institutions. Our instructional designers are well adept with the ILT methodology. We can also help you in converting ILTs into Computer Based Tutorials (CBT) or Web Based Tutorials (WBTs) for you or your client. Re-organizing your content, understanding your audience profile, location preferences and other technical considerations, we shall create ILT for you as per your preferences. Vocational and Skill based trainings, multi-lingual content and content that can reach far and wide with localized understanding of your audience, we are better equipped. Delivery of content is done only after your content passes thorough rigorous quality checklist shared by you and also as per our production guidelines.


  • HTML 5
  • Articulate
  • Captivate
  • Lectora
  • Flash
  • Moodle


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