Strategy & Consulting

Versatylo, the top digital marketing company in India
offers strategy and consulting services as part of its offerings in the space of e-learning services.


To this extent we offer best in class services of strategy and consulting to corporate and educational clientele across geographies. The aim of our strategy and consulting services in the space of e-learning is to influence policy thought in knowledge enterprises on learning and knowledge management. Our strategy and consulting services streamline the paradigm for customization of e-learning with respect to context and organization specific objectives like better marketable skill formulation, better deployment of knowledge resources on key projects, reduction of recurring challenges in the guise of quality errors and streamlining of knowledge resources to institutionalize a system that is independent of the employee turnover rate.

Instructional Design, Delivery and Deployment of E-Leaninge

At Versatylo, we extend our core competence in the execution of projects on software as a service to understand the knowledge management model of business enterprises to cater to the requirements of content and delivery of e-learning. More than just instructional design that requires excellence of execution in animation modelling and multimedia graphics, we offer advisory input on ways and means to install sustainable knowledge management initiatives with economic efficiency and scalability. In doing so we engage with client corporate enterprises to offer consulting on best practices of one time deployment of systems to build scalable deployment of training programs through customized modules of context specific knowledge resources that can be used over and over again.

We also work on administering systems to enable employees of client organizations learn, share and put to practice best practices of conduct of training and development programs through state of the art cloud computing, machine learning and artificial intelligence concepts to streamline economies of scale in learning for enhanced business productivity and corporate knowledge retention in implicit and explicit knowledge reserves.

Instructor Led Training

When it comes to quality instruction in a classroom setting, you can look up-to us for creation of PPTs, handouts, student guidelines and other teaching materials. We have a great experience creating the Instructor Led Trainings (ILT) for various corporate learning and other academic institutions. Our instructional designers are well adept with the ILT methodology. We can also help you in converting ILTs into Computer Based Tutorials (CBT) or Web Based Tutorials (WBTs) for you or your client. Re-organizing your content, understanding your audience profile, location preferences and other technical considerations, we shall create ILT for you as per your preferences. Vocational and Skill based trainings, multi-lingual content and content that can reach far and wide with localized understanding of your audience, we are better equipped. Delivery of content is done only after your content passes thorough rigorous quality checklist shared by you and also as per our production guidelines.


  • HTML 5
  • Articulate
  • Captivate
  • Lectora
  • Flash
  • Moodle


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