K-12 Content Development

Versatylo, the leading digital marketing company in India
offers K-12 content development services as part of its offerings under the head of e-learning.

k12 digital content

We define ourselves as a software and web applications company that leverages technology platforms in the education vertical to automate the process of learning in schools. Our content development capabilities deploy flash to HTML5 conversion. The effect is to produce digitized academic content with powerful graphic user interface that is easy to deploy, economically efficient and makes the academic pedagogy much more interactive and interesting. We offer digitization of academic content for all levels of school academic curriculum starting from kindergarten school to high school. This explains the nomenclature and branding of our services as K-12 content development.

K-12 Content Development: Designed to Revolutionize Delivery of Knowledge

Learning matters. The academic pedagogy matters. So does the academic discipline. At Verstaylo, we engage in the digitization of academic content by deploying state of the art flash to HTML 5 conversion and instructional design capabilities while adhering to the academic curriculum guidelines stated by accreditation and affiliating institutions of schools that operate in India. The execution of K-12 content development proceeds on the lines of dialogue with the team of educators from the client institution with ample scope for feedback and strategic course correction during the progress of the project to fit into the template of academic requirements of students. The powerful user interface and functionality ensures that the memory retention and understanding of academic disciplines and concepts of sciences, humanities and commerce is a notch above the regulation academic resources that appeal to conventional wisdom.

Content Development for Personalized Learning Experience

Our K-12 content development is executed with an aim to encourage portability of knowledge resources and personalization on devices like tablets, personal computers and laptops. Students and educators can access academic content on their devices anytime and anywhere and share commentary, observations and notes. By switching to our K-12 academic content development services client educational institutions benefit from easy upgrades, edits and revisions as the academic curriculum changes at minimum costs. Our client educational institutions have testified to higher class attendance from students after the deployment of K-12 content development solutions from Versatylo. Engage with us today to get free advisory on the deployment of K-12 content solutions at your institution.

Instructor Led Training

When it comes to quality instruction in a classroom setting, you can look up-to us for creation of PPTs, handouts, student guidelines and other teaching materials. We have a great experience creating the Instructor Led Trainings (ILT) for various corporate learning and other academic institutions. Our instructional designers are well adept with the ILT methodology. We can also help you in converting ILTs into Computer Based Tutorials (CBT) or Web Based Tutorials (WBTs) for you or your client. Re-organizing your content, understanding your audience profile, location preferences and other technical considerations, we shall create ILT for you as per your preferences. Vocational and Skill based trainings, multi-lingual content and content that can reach far and wide with localized understanding of your audience, we are better equipped. Delivery of content is done only after your content passes thorough rigorous quality checklist shared by you and also as per our production guidelines.


  • HTML 5
  • Articulate
  • Captivate
  • Lectora
  • Flash
  • Moodle


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