E-learning Content Development

Verstaylo, the leading software services company in India
offers extensive e-learning services to corporate and educational clientele from far and across the world.

Value Creation through E Learning

E learning services are Versatylo’s commitment to the education vertical to create value. Our value creation through e learning service offerings is based on harnessing software applications and services to digitize academic content and affect a progressive change in the mode of delivery and instructional design capabilities. The objective of our offering of e learning services to corporate, institutional and not for profit organizations is to administer a technological model of learning that does not depend on the place of learning, is affordable and has scalability. To this extent we undertake extensive academic content development services for all grades and classes of schools from kindergarten to high school under the broad head of K-12 content development. This is an attempt to switch from paper based learning to a more interactive and personalized learning experience for students. We leverage our time tested and proven capabilities in flash to HTML 5 conversion for K-12 content development.

We offer custom learning solutions for education, research and training and development programs to both institutional and corporate clientele in India and overseas to automate the learning experience and produce better returns on investment in human resources development for both social overhead capital monetization and directly productive activities in business.

Versatylo offers best in class translation and localization services to corporate and academic clientele across the world to harness its core competencies in digital technologies to administer economic and technical efficiency in the processes for data management, documentation management, knowledge management and community learning in organization for enhanced knowledge retention in a multi cultural and ethnically diverse global business environment. We offer state of the art strategy and consulting to organizations that wish to explore prospects and possibilities in the e learning space. As a technology solutions and consulting company we offer expertise and insights on issues and challenges that can be resolved by enabling digitization of processes to reduce costs, time and resource engagements. We wish to share a portfolio of our e learning projects delivered thus far for your ready reference. The portfolio is a sample and is not limited to the project miniatures of e learning shared hereby.