Custom E-learning Content Development

Versatylo, the best digital marketing solutions company in India ventures into the education technology vertical with offerings of
custom learning to redefine learning for enhanced interactive pedagogy, powerful user interface, quick and precise learning and better recall of knowledge.

animated content

We work in close harmony with higher educational institutions and corporate enterprises to redefine the content and delivery processes in the classroom and beyond to administer best practices of learning. To this extent we offer custom learning services and solutions to schools. Our work in the field of custom learning enables us to make sharing, understanding and memory of knowledge easy, interesting and fast. We offer customized delivery methodologies that can be used to teach on the floor of the classrooms.

How Does Custom Learning Improve Upon Traditional Pedagogy?

With the best graphic user interface and powerful animation expertise we transform otherwise regulation knowledge resources into larger than life audio-visual experiences that are easy to register in the memory and still easier to understand. We work in sync with top educators to formulate customized educational content modules that can be easily shared among communities of students and educators on personalized devices like personal computers, tablets, Mac books and smart phones also.

In a corporate setting we redefine training and development programs with our supremely powerful instructional design and interactive user interface to make training and development programs and modules more productive. The result is that employees of our client enterprises of custom learning exhibit better business results and many fold improvements in understanding and execution of knowledge thus absorbed. We customize content with a multi lingual interface and strong local context specific translation of voice commands for training and educational modules. Our competence in instruction design and animation modelling in 2D and 3D is aptly suitable for learning organization in the knowledge economy that invest time and resources regularly in arranging productive and engaging training, development and knowledge augmentation programs.

Empowering Learners, Reducing Costs and Making Learning Productive

In the academic setting we aim to make the delivery of the academic curriculum at par with global standards so that students get access to state of the art cloud based resources of e-learning at affordable costs and do not have to depend on external tutors and assistance beyond the classroom. The onus is on achieving measurable academic progress in the student community. In the corporate setting we appreciate concerns of time, money and resource engagements in conducting training and development session that are instructor based. Our aim is to extract maximum work productivity and skill formulation from employees that attend these programs through our customized e-learning modules.

Scenario Based Learning

Scenarios are made to believe learning environments focused on specific problems targeted to solve.Scenario based-learning is a great way to successfully execute skill based training requirements. With the advent of new latest generation authoring tools, scenario based-learning (SBL) comes handy in the whole development life cycle. SBLs are very creative, we use videos, graphics and effective storyline to communicate and create courses with measurable outcomes. Throughout entire learning process, learners gather information and create solutions based on their prior knowledge and information. SBLs are widely chosen where audiences are interested in understanding the problems in a given situation by learning and applying his knowledge and skill. By inducting various instructional design methodologies into the subject learners explore different outcomes in a risk-free environment without risking the real workplace situations.


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