Corporate Promotional Films

Corporate promotional films are not regular marketing stuff.

Stop Motion Campaign Film

Imagine Leonardo Da Vinci, Rafael and Michelangelo in three adjacent rooms working independently in three adjacent rooms on a beautiful evening at the Vatican City during the Renaissance period. Now close your eyes. Ask yourself if you would like to pay to watch this poetry in motion that goes by the name of Mannerism in the field of fine arts.

A Beautiful Mind Produces Something Beautiful

If it is true, it is beautiful. If it is beautiful, it shall stay in your eyes forever. At Verstatylo, there is a certain method to madness that we follow in the concept to commissioning of corporate promotional films. We look for that moment of truth in the eyes of the audience that shall stay with them for the rest of their lives long after ordinary human memory has faded away. Our corporate promotional films blend a story with substance, style, science and simplicity. Our corporate promotional films are not just meant for the insanely beautiful.

Hallucination in Alice & the Wonderland and the Wonderful World of Adam Smith

Your brand that is used and trusted by buyers is a testimony to the solutions you offer to make their lives easy. Your corporate image inspires confidence in the minds of investors and urges them to think big and play bold. Your employer brand is the subject of a bed time story that the mother narrates to her son. While rocking the cradle she reassures her son that the next morning shall bring hope and new found enthusiasm. The son believes it, feels reassured and falls asleep.

Who said grandmother’s parables have no value? Who said mother’s words are not reassuring? When we make corporate promotional films we aim to generate the same trust in the target audience that they have had in their mothers and grandmothers since childhood. We combine the hallucination of Alice in the Wonderland with the economics of the Wonderful World of Adam Smith. As long as your brand can generate trust through its corporate promotional films, your brand will win. We aim to achieve this for you.



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